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Randall Landers

Note: This story contains graphic sexual situations, and is not intended for readers under 18 years of age.

The announcement on the ship’s bulletin board server that First Officer Sulu would be teaching classes in the martial arts had not gotten a great response from the Cooper’s crew. Only three people showed up. Security Chief Janet Rachelson, Science Officer Xon and Transporter Officer Kevin Spencer. Sulu had hoped more people would come, but decided a small class might make for more intense training.

He was especially glad that Xon had joined the group. Sulu’s current assignment as the Cooper’s exec meant that he needed to get better acquainted with the ship’s somewhat reclusive Vulcan science officer.

After a sweat-inducing warm-up, the small class gathered around the executive officer. "Since Xon is here, the first thing we’ll do is to demonstrate one of the many Vulcan martial arts, Kheile’‘a." Sulu pronounced it "kuh-lay-(choking sound)-uh."

Xon’s brow furrowed with a question.

Rachelson noticed the Vulcan’s puzzlement and chuckled aloud. "Sulu, I gather you don’t speak Vulcan very well."

"The commander is in need of some coaching," admitted Xon. "However, his enunciation of the term is far better than the average Terran’s." The Vulcan paused, and, seeing that he now had the attention of the group, continued, "This particular art form was devised by Setnos, a direct descendent of Surak. It has been preserved down from the ancient times when Vulcan was young as a non-aggressive exercise and can inflict no permanent damage to one’s opponent."

"Exactly," said Sulu, stepping in. "The exercise is meant only to repel harm from yourself, not to inflict injury on another. You’ll find it indispensable in hand-to-hand situations." He turned to Xon. "Shall we give it a try?"

"Whenever you are prepared, Commander."

Sulu held up a hand and turned to the class. "Let’s get one thing straight now. Here, in class, there is no rank, no holding back. In a fight situation, you won’t care who your opponent is; you’ll just have to do or die. It’s the only way you’ll learn. Here, my name is Sulu. Xon?"

"Very well...Sulu." He gave a slight nod.

"Let’s begin. I’ll attack; you defend."

"Agreed." Xon gave the Vulcan hand sign, known as the ta’al, signifying peace. Sulu returned the gesture by bowing low, as was his custom, then charged at Xon with a flying leg kick.

He landed softly on his butt. He had missed Xon’s head by several centimeters, and the young Vulcan had even cushioned his landing. He stood, shook off the numbness he felt in his posterior, and sprang forward with a dive at Xon’s midsection. Again, he missed, and the science officer eased his crash into the mat. He stood and swung at the Vulcan with the back of his hand, but Xon caught his and flipped Sulu over his back to land once again on his now sore backside. A few more minutes, and Sulu knew he had had enough.

"I yield," he said, grinning.

Xon spoke again. "As you observed, I did not, even though inaction, allow Sulu to come to harm, nor did I allow myself to be injured."

"Impressive, but Sulu’s a novice," said Rachelson. "Care to take me on, Xon?"

"Hey," protested Sulu, but then he realized that compared to any Starfleet security officer he was a novice.

"Agreed," said Xon. "I will defend again." He gave the salute.

Rachelson returned it. "Good," she said. "Go!"

She was on the Vulcan like a panther on its prey. Xon avoided every blow that she dealt and helped her to the floor a few times. She came closer to breaking the defense than Sulu had, but never once made contact. After several more minutes, she conceded as well.

"I am impressed, Xon. I even came close to losing my tempter, but with a defense like that, it’s hard to get mad at your opponent." She wiped the sweat off her brow. "In fact, I was far more angry at myself than you."

Xon tilted his head. "Anger at oneself is illogical," he remarked.

Again, Sulu brought the class back to the subject. "This is one of the most popular martial arts studied on Vulcan. Many of you may be familiar with one of the basics of Kheile''a: the famous Vulcan nerve pinch."

"Will we learn that?" asked Spencer, hopefully.

"Unfortunately, few Humans are dexterous enough to manage the pinch effectively," replied Xon. "Your hands simply do not have the strength."

"That’s a relatively minor move, though," said Sulu. "Now, we’ll work on some basic moves and get some assignments for our next meeting."

After almost another hour of learning the moves and some practice, Sulu dismissed the group. He thanked Xon for his assistance and made for the showers. Rachelson was waiting for him by the door. They walked towards the locker room together.

"Quite a workout, eh, Janet?"

She rubbed the shoulder she had bumped in her bout with Xon. "It sure was."

"Care for something a little less strenuous?" he asked, tracing her spine with his index finger. The bodysuit she wore was stuck to her backbone.

"Maybe," she said and winked impishly, leading him into the room.

Sulu glanced around the quiet changing area. "I guess the others are already out of here," he said cheerfully. He approached the security chief from the rear and again ran his hands up and down her spine, not knowing he was wrong.

Xon, coming silently back from his shower, realized what he was witnessing, but was too discomforted to make his presence known. Had he examined his reaction closely, he would have realized that he was embarrassed, but, as a Vulcan, he simply could not acknowledge that emotion in himself. In spite of himself, he watched quietly and intently. He knew about Human mating rituals and what was involved, but curiosity, and something else he could not name, kept his gaze focused on the pair before him.

Sulu stroked Rachelson’s thighs, higher and higher. Slowly, he began caressing her firm buttocks, guiding his hand closer and closer to the sensitive tissues between her legs. She arched her back to allow for easier access, and he cupped her crotch from behind. Slowly, he peeled down her sweatsuit as his tongue danced on the nape of her still-damp neck.

The image struck Xon with the force of an ion storm. He looked at the mating pair, and yet his Vulcan telepathic prowess didn’t agree. On a visual level, he saw Sulu working two fingers in and out of Rachelson’s vagina, while mentally, it was not Sulu he saw. On that level, Sulu became a Kh’myr Klingon, who was handling Rachelson with his rough hands.

Xon shook his head to clear it. His eyes plainly saw Sulu remove Rachelson’s panties, watched the exec draw out a fully erect penis and mount the woman from behind.

His mind told him something else completely. The Kh’myr tore off her panties and thrust an enormous phallus into her anus. His mind saw her scream in pain, as his ears heard her scream in delight.

"Fuck me, Sulu! Fuck me up the ass! Hard!" she panted.

Sulu shifted his position slightly and slid his erect member into her willing anal orifice. When they came, they came hard. All three of them.

Xon looked down at his own exercise suit. He had ejaculated! The utter surprise of the situation forced a gasp from his startled throat, which brought Sulu’s head around, then Rachelson’s. Taking in the situation quickly, they smiled at him as they pulled apart, seemingly unembarrassed.

"Xon, I had no idea that Vulcans were Peeping Toms," teased Rachelson.

"I do not understand the term," said Xon, trying to hide his discomfort.

"A voyeur," prompted Sulu, smiling that irrepressible grin of his. "One who takes sexual pleasure vicariously through viewing others perform a sexual act."

"Negative, Commander. Such an individual could never be admitted to Starfleet, given the extensive battery of psychological tests all recruits—"

"Then what gives?" Sulu demanded, putting aside the fact that he had known a few voyeurs in Starfleet.

"I...was curious," admitted Xon.

"About us?" asked Rachelson. "Hell, Xon, everyone knows Sulu and I are involved."

"That was not—"

"Then tell us what was, Science Officer," ordered Sulu.

"Sir, I was endeavoring to comprehend this thing known as Human sexuality. I have viewed many explanatory holovids on the matter. However, they did not satiate my curiosity. For instance, I am concerned by the apparent disparity between what I saw the two of you do and what I perceived telepathically."

Rachelson blushed. "You mean fantasy?"

"If that is a mental representation of—"

She turned to Sulu. "No wonder he’s confused right now."

"What do you mean, Janet?"

She turned to Xon. "What exactly did you ‘see’, Xon? With your mind, that is?"

"I saw Commander Rachelson copulating with a Kh’myr Klingon."

Sulu laughed aloud. "Janet, I never knew..." he teased.

Slightly red-faced, Rachelson tried to explain. "Xon, this is a normal facet of Human sexuality. Fantasy plays a key role in keeping interest at a peak. Surely Vulcans have sexual fantasies," she suggested.

"We do not," said Xon plainly, but the underlying empathic tone carried an emphasis on the word ‘not.’ He paused briefly, as if debating whether or not to reveal a secret.

Sulu brought out fresh clothes for Rachelson and himself and laid out the shower supplies. "Go on," he prompted Xon as he finished his task.

Xon spoke quietly. "During my assignment to the Enterprise, I was once the object of such a—fantasy. There was a young ensign...once, during an unguarded moment, I perceived what she had created in her mind. It involved performing the act of fellatio upon my reproductive member."

Rachelson raised an eyebrow, mimicking the one she’d seen so often on the Vulcan’s features. "Did you now? Did it excite you?"

"Excited? As in aroused? I assure you, Commander Rachelson, that Vulcans are not excited by sexual imagery. In addition, she had far overestimated the size of the average Vulcan’s penis."

"Oh, really? By how much?" She winked at Sulu and asked him a question with her eyes.

"Several centimeters," responded the Vulcan; with his mental barriers at full strength, he was unaware that Sulu had assented.

Rachelson approached him. "Xon," she said, touching the crotch of his exercise suit lightly. "I’d like to see what she missed." She nibbled at his neck.

The Vulcan was shocked to find his body responding to her touch. He was actually becoming erect. "Commander, please," he beseeched Sulu.

Sulu was no longer paying attention to them. He had gone to the locker room door and sealed it under his voice lock. When he returned, he saw that Xon had been coaxed out of his trousers by Rachelson, who was now on her knees before the Vulcan, sucking him deeply into her throat.

Sulu pulled his sweatsuit off and began stroking his own member, watching the Vulcan "reproductive organ" bobbing in and out of Rachelson’s willing mouth.

She guided Xon over to a bench and had him recline upon it. Slowly, she mounted his cock and began riding him. She moved easily at first, but rapidly built in temp. "That’s it, Xon, yes! Fuck me!" she urgently whispered.

Sulu approached the pair, and Rachelson leaned forward onto Xon’s chest. "Put it in my ass, baby," she instructed Sulu. "Do it! Now!"

Sulu complied with enthusiasm, straddling the bench and working his dick into her tight nether hole.

"That’s it, Xon! Fuck me harder! Come on, Sulu; give it to me, baby!"

The motion carried all three of them towards climax. Xon felt years of tension and repression rising in his balls. "Commander Rachelson, I am nearing the ejaculatory phase."

"Oh, God, I’m close, too! Come with us, Sulu!"

"Right behind you, babe."

Xon erupted inside her slippery tissues. Rachelson’s love muscle flexed with her climax, and Sulu pumped his come deep within her. She continued to move slowly, milking all the pleasure she could from the two men.

They recovered in silence for a few minutes. Then Xon withdrew his penis from her. "Fascinating. I must admit I have found why Humans enjoy their sexuality to such an extent, and that I, too, am affected by this. Do all Humans experience this degree of satisfaction?"

"Not all of them," gasped Sulu as he pulled out and stood against the lockers.

"Intriguing I would appreciate an opportunity to repeat the exercise."

Rachelson smiled. "Maybe, Xon, but not as a regular event. Besides, as good as you were, you can find yourself any number of willing partners."

"I see."

The awkwardness of the situation struck him. "As my superior officers—"

"Hold it, Xon. Remember what I said earlier? In the gym, rank means nothing. And the locker room is part of the gym."

Xon finished dressing. "Understood." He made for the door, a satisfied look on his face. "Thank you for a most enlightening...and enjoyable...lesson."

Sulu wrapped an arm around Rachelson. "Are you ready for that shower?"

"I was ready an hour ago, but you keep distracting me!"

Sulu tweaked an erect nipple. "It’s just so much fun."

"Sulu!" she said in exasperation as they headed for the showers. They, too, had enjoyed the lesson.

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