Crew of the U.S.S. Reliant

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terrell.jpg (55355 bytes)Captain Clark Terrell
Commanding Officer

has served as its commanding officer since 2265; a competent commander who tends to lean on the book more than some might like

chekov.jpg (63779 bytes)Commander Pavel Chekov
Executive Officer

transferred to the Reliant in 2275 to serve as its executive officer; his Russian cynicism isn't exactly welcome by many

beach.jpg (55876 bytes)Commander James Beach
Chief Science Officer

has served aboard the Reliant since 2265 as its science officer; he had a dalliance with Nurse Chapel in 2267

kyle.jpg (58973 bytes)Lieutenant Commander Jonathan Kyle
Chief Communications Officer

transferred to the Reliant in 2275 to serve as the chief communications officer; likes to sing songs from musicals like “Man of La Mancha” when off-duty


kelowitz.jpg (101615 bytes)Commander Steven Kelowitz
Chief Security Officer

transferred to the Reliant in 2276 to serve as its security chief; recently injured, he's recovering in Sickbay rather than risk being transferred off the Reliant; he's delighted Chekov is covering his duties in the meantime

medical_officer.jpg (94696 bytes)Lieutenant Commander Cynda Callison
Chief Medical Officer

has served aboard the Reliant since 2269

thela_kazanga.jpg (116983 bytes)Lieutenant Thela Kazanga
Assistant Security Chief

an outcast from Captain Style's command, she's been promoted to lieutenant commander twice and busted back to lieutenant twice; she's delighted her former lover, Pavel Chekov, is now a part of the Reliant's crew

arex.JPG (8560 bytes)Lieutenant Commander Arex
Chief Navigation Officer

an Edoan navigator who served aboard the Enterprise during its historic missions with Captain Kirk; now aboard the Reliant, he's uncertain about Chekov's presence aboard his new assignment

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