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Ann Zewen


October 17th 2286

Captain James T. Kirk stood at the opening to the cave and watched the swirling snow outside. He shivered from the cold and turned back to the interior, his eyes searching for the other two who were trapped here with him. The light inside was dim, but he could make out the outlines of two bodies, huddled under separate emergency blankets, the only things they had to protect them from this harsh environment until the Enterprise’s damaged transporter was repaired, and they could be beamed back aboard.

This was ridiculous. The shuttlecraft couldn’t navigate through a blizzard, and he had been the only one to have brought a phaser. It had given out an hour ago after one last burst to warm their surroundings. Fortunately their field jackets had the blankets stored in the back pouch, and they had food and water in the front pockets. He shivered again, then walked over to the smaller of the two lumps, touching her shoulder, then turning back the blanket and taking her hands, pulling her to her feet.

"Come on, Nyota, It’s already below freezing and getting colder. We’ll never survive this night unless we all stay together and keep each other warm."

Her eyes met his briefly with an expression he couldn’t quite decipher, then she walked over to the other lump and pulled back the blanket, sliding beneath it to lie next to the man who lay there silently. Kirk spread the second blanket over both of them and slid in next to her, slipping an arm around her waist to draw her body back against his, then edging them both closer to the sleeping man next to them.

He shifted a bit, then eased his left arm beneath her head to act as a pillow, closing his eyes and settling down to sleep. Moments later, just as he began to drift off, he felt her stir slightly. He re-opened his eyes, instantly awake again, and felt the tension in her body.

"Relax, Ny," he whispered, trying not to wake the other man. "We all need some rest."

"Sorry." Her voice was muffled, and she stopped fidgeting, but she didn’t relax, instead holding herself stiff, as much apart from him as she could in the circle of his arms.

"I said, ‘relax.’" He squeezed her waist, then sighed as he realized he wasn’t helping at all. Neither of them would sleep at this rate. He lay still for a few minutes, then slowly began to trace a circle on her stomach, gradually lowering his hand until he slid it down her thigh and back up under her red tunic to continue his caresses. Only her tights separated his hand from her skin now.

"Jim," she protested in a whisper and tried to push his hand away, but he only moved it up higher and then back downward again, inside the tights, flat against her stomach, fingers outstretched until he touched the crisp hair and changed his angle of attack slightly.

A single finger parted her moist folds of skin, stroking her nub of flesh gently until she began to squirm against him, moaning softly. His hand slid still lower and dipped first one and them two fingers into her.

"Jim." It wasn’t a protest this time, and the hand that had tried to move his a few moments earlier closed over it now, pressing him tighter against her. His fingers moved in and out of her, feeling the muscles clutch at him as though trying to keep him inside. Suddenly, she stiffened, then cried out softly, her entire body convulsing.

"That sounded fun." He spoke in a whisper, his lips next to a shapely ear. Finding the lobe irresistible, he took it between his teeth and bit softly.

"Ouch." She whispered, her quiet tone telling him it didn’t really hurt. He bit again, still gently. "Stop it," she warned, a little louder this time, so he complied, returning his arms to her waist to cradle her against him.

"Think you can sleep now?" he asked as he realized most of the tension had left her body.

"I don’t know." He could almost see her smile. "How about you?"

"I’ll manage." He groaned softly as he felt her wriggle her rounded bottom against his crotch, and his already stiffening manhood hardened even more.

"Careful, Ny. We’ll wake Bones up."

"Bones is already awake." The tone was disgusted, as was the shoulder that he turned on them.

"Sorry." Kirk tried not to laugh. "Humph!"

It was a long time before anyone slept.


She awoke to the realization that her clothes were already half off her body and felt a gentle hand between her legs, stroking her with an urgent tenderness. As her own desire mounted, she felt a knee press between her legs from behind, spreading them as he pulled her backward and entered her slick depths with a single stroke. As he slid in and out of her, his tongue began to lick her ear. He stopped licking long enough to whisper a question, and she stiffened, giving her head a quick shake, shocked and yet somehow even more aroused at the suggestion. He whispered it again, and she shook her head again, less decisively this time.

"C’mon, Ny. It’s not fair for us to have all the fun while he..."

"No, Jim, I couldn’t." Althought she continued to protest, he could tell she was weakening.

"Yes, you could." He took manipulated his his thumb and forefinger, pinching and rubbing her, drawing a passionate moan from her throat. "I bet you’ll even find you like it."

He pulled out of her. Then, her own slick juices providing lubrication, he eased it back inside her into the tight opening of her backside. She gasped at the new invasion, then pushed backwards against him until he was buried to the hilt. After a minute, she managed to relax the strained muscles and decided he felt almost as good there as in the other channnel, only this new position left her womanhood feeling empty and lonely. When he whispered his suggestion a third time, she didn’t argue. Instead, she reached out a hand to touch the stiff back in front of her, caressing it and then gliding around the slender body to find the already hardness in front.

"Len?" He tried to push her hand away, but she was as insistent as Kirk had been the night before. Opening his pants, she drew his manhood out and began to pump it rhythmically.

"Turn over this way, Len." Her voice was as suggestive as her words, and he hesitated only a few seconds longer before complying, hands reaching for her breasts and mouth closing hungrily over hers.

He continued to grind his mouth against hers as his hands took what was left of her uniform from her body.

"Uh. OH! OH-H-H-h-h..." She tore her mouth from his and, her mind and body overloaded with sensory input, she shuddered with her first orgasm of the morning. The hands on her breasts stopped their kneading, but the one between her legs continued its caresses as she felt the hot shaft moving in and out of her with long strokes.

She opened her eyes and met shocked blue ones, then she caressed his face with her left hand, while her right continued to pump his manhood. She continued to pull on it. "C’mon, Len, come a little closer," she coaxed, and began to draw nearer in spite of himself.

She shoved Kirk’s fingers aside a minute to rub McCoy against her still-aching folds. Then, as she guided the pulsating organ downward, she felt strong hands part the slick folds and open her for his entrance. Unable to resist any more, McCoy thrust deep inside her, the incredible feeling of the dual penetration sending her into another shattering orgasm.

"Oh! Oh! I’m coming! Now-w-w-w-w..." She screamed as her body continued to spasm and the men plunged in and out of her twin openings, while Kirk’s fingers resumed their thrilling caresses that kept her at a fever pitch of excitement.

Her orgasms spiraled up and up, each seeming to blend into the next until she thought she would explode from the intensity of her pleasure. Then, just when she thought she had taken all she could, she felt first Kirk, then McCoy stiffen and erupt within her, their hot fluids filling her until the overflowing juices leaked out of her.

And then everything went black.


Uhura shivered and opened her eyes at the touch of a hand on her shoulder. The cave was enveloped in near darkness, and she could barely make out the shape of the man who stood over her. She snuggled beneath the blanket, trying to get warm, then shivered again in the cold air as he lifted the blanket from her huddled form and took her hands in his pulling her to her feet.

"Come on, Nyota. It’s already below freezing and getting colder. We’ll never survive this night unless we all stay together and keep each other warm."

His words were strangely familiar, but she couldn’t quite remember where she had heard them before. Puzzled, she met his eyes, feeling a rush of hot desire invade her body, her knees almost buckling before she stiffened them, and walked toward the sleeping man on the other side of the cave, her every step bringing with it the impression that she had done this before, perhaps more than once. She sighed and slid in next to him, feeling a second warm body settle behind her, unsurprised when his arms drew her close, wondering sleepily why it all felt so familiar...

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