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Project: Potemkin
the fan fiction series

In 2296, in the distant regions of the Alpha Quadrant, near Rigel and beyond, the crew of the U.S.S. Potemkin, NCC-1711, explores strange new worlds, seeks out new life, new civilizations and boldly goes as far as their starship will go. These are some of the stories of Captain Alec Grigory; Executive Officer Polim n'Ahman; Science Officers Patricia Allen, T'Noshi, Spampinato; Communications Officers Mtume, Sonaj; Helmsman Delaney; Navigator T'Nabi; Engineers Barton, Wallace; Security Officers Frazier, Richards; and Chief Medical Officer Maura Drake. These stories are often adaptations of scripts of the Project: Potemkin episodes and vignettes. Click on the BLUE links for stories and videos.

First Season

The Old Guys

written by Randall Landers; set in 2296/14.3
available at http://youtu.be/PWU1b171n4s
released November 14, 2010

As the Potemkin returns to Starbase 211, it becomes clear why there are so many "young" officers left aboard the starship.

Care for a Lift?

written by Jim Ausfahl; set in 2296/14.7
available at http://youtu.be/way9rJYixFU
released January 4, 2011

Horror upon horrors! Lieutenant Commander Shelton finds himself stuck in the turbolift with Commander Brian Reigert. The departing Reigert is reminded exactly what is meant by Project: Potemkin, and Shelton finds he may not enjoy the beginning of his new assignment.

The Void

written by Randall Landers; set in 2296/23.4
available at http://youtu.be/ebTotgoAWLk
released December 14, 2011

The crew of the U.S.S. Potemkin is investigating the mysterious disappearances of three Federation vessels when Klingons arrive in the sector. Are they responsible for the missing ships?

Doctor's Orders

written by David Eversole; set in 2296/24.0
adaptation by Carolyn Kaberline
available at http://youtu.be/ebTotgoAWLk
released December 27, 2011

Following the events of "The Void," Chief Medical Officer Maura Drake confronts the new helmsman, Commander Mike Delaney, on the bridge...


written by David Eversole; set in 2296/28.2
available at http://youtu.be/cxsHHbEDAyM 
released February 23, 2012

A landing party from the Potemkin has beamed down to Harper IV to investigate the sudden radio silence from the Federation colony on that class M planet. But now Captain Grigory has lost contact with them...

UP NEXT: Miscommunication...

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