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Appendix E
Crew Lists

compiled by Diane Doyle

A complete guide to the various crews and personnel of Starfleet and its vessels.
* indicates a recently updated crew list

The Beginnings

U.S.S. Enterprise Crew: 2251-2264 aka "Pike's Enterprise"
U.S.S. Hood Crew: 2240-2265
U.S.S. Shenandoah Crew: 2262-2264
Starfleet Crews & Personnel: 2240-2265

The First Mission

U.S.S. Enterprise Crew: 2265-2270
Starfleet Crews & Personnel: 2265-2270

The First Hiatus

Starfleet Crews: 2270-2272

The Second Mission

U.S.S. Enterprise Crew: 2273-2275
Starfleet Crews & Personnel: 2273-2275

The Second Hiatus & Interludes

U.S.S. Enterprise Crew: 2275-2284
Starfleet Crews & Personnel: 2275-2284
U.S.S. Cooper Crew: 2275-2290
U.S.S. Reliant Crew: 2275-2283

The Third Mission & Final Hiatus

U.S.S. Enterprise Crew: 2285-2293
Starfleet Crews & Personnel: 2285-2293

And the Human Adventure Continues...

U.S.S. Enterprise-B Crew: 2293-2300
U.S.S. Excelsior Crew: 2290-2300
U.S.S. Hyperion Crew: 2295-2300
U.S.S. Chosin Crew: 2288-2300
Starfleet Crews & Personnel: 2294-2300

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