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The Beginnings 1

These stories either feature the Star Trek characters featured in The Cage (such as Captain Christopher Pike, Number One, Lieutenant Spock and Doctor Phillip Boyce) as well as stories about the characters from Star Trek: The Original Series (including Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, Sulu and the others) but set before their tour of duty on the Enterprise, ranging from a young Spock to a teenaged Jimmy Kirk to Sulu's first mission to an alien world. 

written by Ann Zewen

"Sam” is a wonderful look at the young James T. Kirk and his brother, George. We finally learn the real reason why Jim Kirk calls him “Sam.”

The Killer Instinct
written by Phillip A. Mucha

“The Killer Instinct” is a look at the young Vulcan and his relationship with a certain sehlat. Delightful!

written Chris Dickenson

While awaiting word on his Aunt Roberta’s fate, Spock reminisces about his first visit to Earth.

Light Speed in an 85 MPH Zone
written by D.G. Littleford

Jimmy Kirk goes through one of life’s little adventures as a teenager.

written by Linda McInnis

“Salt” is set six months later while Kirk was taking Command Training graduate level courses, and is the story of his relationship with Carol Marcus, a blonde lab technician with big plans.

The Anniversary Gift
written by Donna C. Clark

Ever wonder why McCoy joined the service? This story has the answer. It’s concise, it’s believable, and in its own way, it’s elegant.

written by Mark C. Henrie

In “Victory,” we have Cadet James T. Kirk and a fellow cadet are competing with Cadet Spock and Cadet Lystra Davis, the latter being a former girlfriend of Kirk’s in a deadly race around the Antares star system.

The Medal
written by D.G. Littleford

Returning from his first mission with Starfleet, Spock finds a chilly reception from his father.

The Difference
written by Chris Dickenson

While in 1986, Doctor McCoy comes across a terminal patient which prompts a particularly tragic memory.

The Fire Bringer
written by Jane Yambe

A young Hikaru Sulu becomes involved the young officer in a first contact situation while gathering botanical specimens on a recently discovered planet.

Home Sweet Home
written by Nicole Comtet

After finding a relic from Vulcan’s earliest space agency, Captain Pike orders Spock to return the probe to Vulcan, where he confronts his own past.

The Spider’s Lair
written by Randall Landers

Commander James T. Kirk, captain of the scoutship Shenandoah, finds himself and his landing party at the mercy of an alien lifeform.

Boy Scout
written by Ann Zewen

James T. Kirk has returned to Carol Marcus with one goal in mind: he wants to get to know his son. He’s considering leaving Starfleet altogether, and wants to pick up the pieces of their relationship if Carol will let him.

Artwork by Donna C. Clark, Tim Farley, Don Harden, Jeanne L. Matthews, M.J. Millard, Julie Nosal, Bonnie Reitz, and Zaquia Tarhuntassa.

202 pages, 8" x 11" size, coil binding.
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