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Pike's Enterprise1

These stories either feature the Star Trek characters featured in The Cage (such as Captain Christopher Pike, Number One, Lieutenant Spock and Doctor Phillip Boyce) during their tour of duty on the Enterprise.

Incident on Xantharus
written by Nomad

"Incident on Xantharus" is set a few months after "The Cage." The Hood has been attacked, its crew killed except for the one woman who knows the whereabouts of the plans for the secret weapon the Hood was transporting. It’s up to Captain Pike and his crew to retrieve the plans or destroy them. This is a violent tale which depicts the open savagery of the Orions and the subtle savagery of some Humans in the Federation.

Remember the Hood
written by Nomad and Elizabeth Knauel

"Remember the Hood" is a violent story of revenge as someone is killing all those responsible for the deaths above Xantharus IV. The murders are gruesome and all bear witness to the phrase "Remember the Hood."

Drink Deeply
written by Elizabeth Knauel and Nomad

An extremely sexual vampire comes aboard Captain Pike’s Enterprise, wreaking havoc among the crew.

CAUTION: This collection contains sexual situations, rape, torture, and extreme violence. It is not for the weak-hearted or for children. Let the buyer beware that this is a dark view of the Star Trek universe, one that can be very disturbing to the uninitiated. If you have any doubts, consider this collection as rated X -- for adults only.

Artwork by Nomad.

292 pages, 8" x 11" size, coil binding.
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