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Interludes 1

These stories are set between the events of Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan and slightly beyond Star Trek: The Final Frontier. The primary crewmembers from the first and second missions under Kirk’s command are reunited for a series of adventures which end with a return to Vulcan for the Enterprise and Sulu’s subsequent departure for the captaincy of  the science ship Cooper.

You Are Not Alone
written by Chris Dickenson

A Saavik story set between Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan and Star Trek: The Search for Spock which explains the changes in the character. A masterful examination of Saavik, her motivations, and her stormy relationship with David Marcus. Note: Sexual themes.

His Was the Most Human
written by Nomad

McCoy comes to realize that Spock’s death has affected him profoundly.

All That He Was...All That He Knew
written by Linda McInnis

McCoy’s dysfunctionality increases as he tries to come to grip with Spock’s katra. This story carries the story all the way to McCoy’s rescue from a Starfleet Security holding cell.

The Day They All Came Home
written by Linda McInnis

Following Spock’s fal-tor-pan, the crew of the now-destroyed Enterprise finds waiting on Vulcan an enlightening experience as the friend they risked their careers for slowly evolves.

The Wounding
written by Linda McInnis

This story is set during the novella, "The Day They All Came Home." David Marcus has died, and James Kirk knows he has to be the one to tell Carol, even if it means going to Earth undercover and risking capture.

Friendship’s Song
written by Valerie A. Phillips

This Uhura story is set during "The Day They All Came Home." As Spock recovers from fal tor pan, Uhura seeks him out to return an old favor.

The Difference
written by Chris Dickenson

While in 1986, Doctor McCoy comes across a terminal patient which prompts a particularly tragic memory.

Gillian Weep Not
written by Linda McInnis

Doctor Gillian Taylor finds herself wishing to see her friends, George and Gracie again. Captain Spock, now recovered, offers her a unique method and opportunity to fulfill her wish.

written by Nomad

Maltz has been imprisoned at the Starfleet Maximum Security Detention Center on Alcatraz. He is pondering about his life in captivity, and finds himself wishing for death. That is, until xenophile Security Officer Stacey Saint James arrives on the scene to make life a bit more interesting for him. Note: Strong sexual themes.

The Return
written by Steven K. Dixon

Father Robert Welton, a heretic who aided Khan during the Eugenics War was cast into deep space as punishment for his crimes against Humanity. Now, awakened by an advanced life form, he finds a way of revenge on those who banished him from Earth: interference on the planet 892-IV in a way that shakes that planet’s religion to its very core. Can the Enterprise crew stop this madman in time?

On My Mind
written by Chris Dickenson

A short sequel to Ann Zewen’s "The Music Box." It’s a nice look at how the Chapel-Spock relationship has changed over the years.

That’s What Friends Are for
written by Ann Zewen

Uhura recalls the personal tragedy Uhura faced prior to the refit of the Enterprise, and of whom she turned to in her time of need: Montgomery Scott. The story is meant to explain the hitherto unseen relationship between Scott and Uhura we find in Star Trek: The Final Frontier. Note: Adult themes.

Artwork by Vel Jaeger, Heather Krause, David Lawrence, Jeanne L. Matthews, Christine M. Myers, Julie Nosal, Zaquia Tarhuntassa, Sherry Veltkamp and Marie Williams.

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