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Chekov's Enterprise 2

These stories feature the Star Trek characters from The Original Series and The Animated Series, and all stories are set aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise, NCC-1701-B, during the command of Captain Pavel Andreievich Chekov who was given command following the events of the first act of Generations. Look for some of your favorite regulars to make appearances including Ambassador Spock; Surgeon General Leonard "Bones" McCoy; Captain Sulu, Commander Uhura, Doctor Chapel, Lieutenant Peter Kirk and Commander Saavik.

Too Great a Risk
written by Randall Landers with Rob Morris

While reviewing potential crew replacements, Saavik rejects a young officer who reminds Chekov of someone else.

Planet of the Killer Chickens
written by Jim Ausfahl

Chekov and Ch'terr find that all the diplomatic training Starfleet could offer hasn't prepared them for the natives of the planet Calyu.

Chains of Command
written by Randy Landers

During an accident incursion into Romulan space by the dreadnought Alliance, Chekov finds that sometimes being in the center seat is no better than being a prisoner to the regulations he has sworn to uphold, and one of his crew learns that there are limits to what you can say to your captain.

written by Randy Landers and Rob Morris

En route back to the Enterprise, tragedy befalls one of the crew...

We Start Our Walking
written by Rob Morris

The relationship between the second generation of the Enterprise family grows stronger.

The Odd Couple
written by Rob Morris

Lieutenant Peter Kirk finds himself sharing a cabin with Federation star reporter Willis O'Brien, much to the chagrin of both!

With Thee
written by Rob Morris

Lieutenant Peter Kirk and Ambassador Spock reflect on Doctor McCoy's tragedy on the day that all such tragedies are remembered.

Sometimes a Cigar...
written by Rob Morris

Saavik finds the nuances of English perplexing while sending her captain into fits of laughter.

written by Rob Morris

Ambassador Spock finds himself reflecting on the crew of both ships named Enterprise.

written by Rob Morris

Deciding that the senior staff would benefit from a refresher course on person-to-person combat, Ch'terr soon realizes the error of his judgment.

The Old Once Over
written by Rob Morris

Doctor Sydney Beals gives her report on the crew to an unreceptive Captain Chekov. Unfortunately, there's usually a price to be paid for such a decision.

written by Randall Landers

Captain Chekov lets Commander Saavik in on his little observation about Vulcans.

written by Randall Landers and Rob Morris

Lieutenant Commander Saavik finds herself the target of some unwanted attention, and the Enterprise itself is in danger as a result!

Parallel Lives
written by Rob Morris

Peter and Saavik finally show each other the skeletons in their respective closets.

written by Rob Morris

A few scenes from the life and times of Chief Science Officer Roberta Vasquez.

Freedom From Fear
written by Rob Morris

Uhura finds herself seeking counsel over some old wounds that have been reopened.

written by Rob Morris

While returning from a first contact mission, the landing party finds a rather unique hat.

Lawful Warrant
written by Rob Morris

While exploring a lost Human colony in the Beta Quadrant, Peter Kirk and Uhura encounter an old ‘friend.’

Insanity's Child
written by Randy Landers

While on an exploratory mission to NGC-2548, the crew of the Enterprise encounter a race of beings dominated by a planet using a biogenetic monster of unbelievable power. Can Captain Chekov and his crew survive an encounter with a lifeform capable of rendering planets lifeless within minutes?

Artwork by Randall Landers, Jeanne L. Matthews, Julie Nosal and Zaquia Tarhuntassa.

190 pages, 8" x 11" size, coil binding.
US Priority Mail: $16.00; International Priority Mail: $22.00

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Randall Landers, 3211 Saddleleaf Avenue, Albany, Georgia 31721

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