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The Sixth Fleet 1 -- Preludes

The following stories are written about the captains and crews of the U.S.S. Enterprise, NCC-1701-B, as well as the U.S.S. Excelsior, NCC-2000; the U.S.S. Chosin, NCC-2950; the U.S.S. Hyperion, NCC-10100; as well as other ships in the Sixth Fleet. Commanding this expeditionary force into the Beta Quadrant is none other than Fleet Captain Chekov, much to the delight of Captains Uhura and Kelsey, and much to the chagrin of Captain Sulu. The Beta Quadrant is an untamed sector of space, more of a frontier than anything else. Aliens of all sorts present new and unique challenges to the crews of these fine starships.

New Orders
written by Randall Landers
Pavel Chekov receives his new orders and a promotion!

Walking on Broken Glass
written by Rob Morris
But now, Chekov has to inform a dear friend who may not take the news of his promotion well.

written by Nomad
In fact, it was a foregone conclusion, leading to some changes aboard the U.S.S. Excelsior.

written by Randall Landers
In the mountains of Greece, Hikaru Sulu does some soul searching, and finds what he's looking for.

Warp Speed
written by Randall Landers
Fleet Captain Chekov discovers some changes have been made aboard the Excelsior.

written by Randall Landers
Hikaru Sulu meets his new executive officer.

A Leg Up
written by Jim Ausfahl
Ch'terr arrives home to receive a leg transplant. Unfortunately, he also has to deal with his family.

Teri and the Boys
written by Rob Morris
Doctor McCoy and his new bride attend Princess Teresa and her sons' memorial service.

written by Randall Landers
Saavik addressed her concerns about Ch'terr to Chekov, and learns more about herself than she might want to admit.

The Nature of the Boy
written by Rob Morris
Saavik and Peter Kirk come to an understanding about their personal priorities.

written by Randall Landers
Hikaru Sulu's been given a mission to retrieve a diplomatic team from a warn torn system.

Odd Man Out
written by Rob Morris
Tactical Officer Roberta Vasquez finds out that she's literally the "odd man out" of the loop....

written by Rob Morris
Roberta Vasquez learns an unpleasant truth about two of her closest friends: Saavik and Peter Kirk.

written by Rob Morris
Three officers aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise decide once and for all that for the good of Fleet Captain Chekov, their resignations are in order.

The Kids Are All Right
written by Rob Morris
Captain Uhura lends an ear to Fleet Captain Chekov, and offers her own unique insights on the situation with his officers.

Whatever Became of Me?
written by Rob Morris
Captain Sulu takes his problems to his ship's counselor, Dr. Helen Noel, who begins to wonder if she's the right person for the job.

The Wind and the Sun
written by Rob Morris
Fleet Captain Chekov takes his senior officers to task...

In the Mouth of Vaal
written by Randall Landers
A landing party finds more problems in paradise in this sequel to "The Apple."

written by Rob Morris
An inspection of the personal storage lockers leads to a shocking discovery...

Shell Shock
written by Rob Morris
Chekov has a fiery confrontation with his ship's psychologist over the disposition of a crewmember who tried to commit suicide.

A Little Less Conversation
written by Rob Morris
While looking for a mysterious radiation leak, the Enterprise senior officers find themselves...

A Winter's Solstice
written by Rob Morris
The Enterprise-B crew arrives at Starbase 211 only to find themselves in a cloud of suspicion...

Standing in the Shadows
written by Rob Morris
After his interrogation, Peter Kirk finds himself attacked by someone from his past, and Fleet Captain Chekov must defend his crew from Captain Jaeger's accusations!

For You Shall Surely Get It
written by Rob Morris
Peter Kirk assumes temporary command of the Enterprise-B.

Truth and Consequences
written by Rob Morris
In temporary command of the Enterprise-B, Peter Kirk is surprised by an old friend.

written by Randall Landers
Sulu discovers that an Excelsior landing party has broken the Prime Directive.

The Nature of the Game
written by Randall Landers and Rob Morris
Captain Jaeger's investigation of the Enterprise command crew runs into a brick wall.

Before the After
written by Rob Morris
The Enterprise command crew makes good on their departure from Starbase 211.

written by Rob Morris
Ariel Cord considers leaving the Excelsior.

written by Randall Landers
A Starfleet Intelligence officer confronts Captain Sulu about Doctor Cord's immortality.

Simple Things
written by Randall Landers
A saboteur and spy aboard the Excelsior finds himself the target of Kevin Thomas Riley.

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