a Star Trek: Voyager fanzine
edited by Brenda Shaffer-Shiring

Some fan writers look at a TV series as it is, and ask "Why?" Our writers look at Voyager as it never was, and ask, "Why not?"

VISIONS, a collection of alternate-universe Voyager stories, features thoughtful, often gripping, sometimes surprising, looks at some of the far-traveled starship's might-have-beens. Find out what would have happened...

If Species 8472 had made Harry Kim one of them. An embattled Voyager contends with "A Plague of Locusts" in Thea Bradley's story...

If the Kyrians developed a second scenario about the murderous warship Voyager. Debbie Barrand reveals "Distorted Images" of Voyager's contact with a near-defenseless planet.

If Paris and Chakotay had to save their Maquis ship fom the Jem'Hadar. Brenda Shaffer-Shiring takes us aboard Chakotay's ship for "The Last Flight," and a desprate gambit that could mean life or death for everyone aboard.

If Voyager's original first officer had survived the flight to the Delta Quadrant. Taylor Martin reports that "Relations with Commander Cavit" are difficult, especially for Tom Paris.

If Neelix were not quite what he seems. Charles H. Shiring turns the page on a startling entry in "Neelix's Log."

If an alien race presented Janeway with, well, let's call it a dog. During "The Dog Days of Voyager," anything could happen, as Diane Bellomo explains in this heartwarming tale (tail?).

If Voyager had formed an alliance with the Vidiians. Charles H. Shiring looks at the possible ramifications of this pairing in "Strange Bedfellows."

If Kellin had remained aboard Voyager. When she gave up her life and her world to stay with Chakotay, she never counted on either of them having a "Change of Heart" By Andra Marie Mueller.

If Annika Hanser had never become Seven of Nine. Miranda Greene describes how the brilliant but troubled young physicists opens "Pandora's Box" with her unorthodox experiments into subspace fields...

If... no, in this case, that would be telling. But why can't Janeway remember her past? In a poignant, powerful story, Thea Bradley shows the captain, and us, that "Time Is a Great Machine of Iron Bars."

Cover and all interior artwork by Joey. Also features alternate-universe poetry by Brenda Shaffer-Shiring, based on "The Killing Game," "Course: Oblivion" and "The Fight."

152 pages, digest-sized, comb bound with a cover by Joey
Price: $9.75, US Priority Mail. $15.75, International Priority Mail.

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Randall Landers, 3211 Saddleleaf Avenue, Albany, Georgia 31721

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