Starfleet Uniforms
circa 2233 - 2265
images adapted from Star Trek: The Magazine, Star Trek: The Magazine, Star Trek Fact Files, The Art of Star Trek and Ex Astra Scientia

Command Division

oaa_command_insignia.jpg (156166 bytes)

Commanding Officer, Helmsman, Executive Officer

oaa_command_tunic.jpg (143860 bytes)

Class One Men's Tunic

oaa_command_tunic_female.jpg (144965 bytes)

Class One Women's Tunic

oaa_dressuniforms.jpg (259101 bytes)

Dress Uniform

oaa_command_jumpsuit.jpg (26439 bytes)

Class Two Jumpsuit

Science Division

oaa_science_insignia.jpg (12036 bytes)

Science Officer, Geologist, Medical Officer

oaa_science_tunic.jpg (154556 bytes)
Class One Men's Tunic

oaa_science_tunic_female.jpg (137235 bytes)
Class One Women's Tunic

oaa_dressuniforms_science.jpg (279365 bytes)
Dress Uniform

oaa_science_jumpsuit.jpg (153407 bytes)
Class Two Jumpsuit

Engineering Division

oaa_engineering_insignia.jpg (11090 bytes)

Engineer, Navigator, Yeoman, Communications Officer

oaa_engineer_tunic.jpg (147203 bytes)
Class One Men's Tunic

oaa_engineer_tunic_female.jpg (145005 bytes)
Class One Women's Tunic

oaa_dressuniforms_engineer.jpg (267612 bytes)
Dress Uniform

oaa_engineer_jumpsuit.jpg (26828 bytes)
Class Two Jumpsuit

Other Uniforms


oaa_cadet_uniform.jpg (100705 bytes)

Cadet Uniform

oaa_landing_party_duty_jacket.jpg (148773 bytes)

Landing Party Jacket

oaa_medical_tunic.jpg (154072 bytes)

Sickbay Duty Jacket



Equipment oaa_laser.jpg (32135 bytes)

Hand Laser

oaa_communicator.jpg (70529 bytes)


oaa_hypospray.jpg (40005 bytes)


oaa_phaser_rifle.jpg (64208 bytes)

Phaser Rifle
(not used until 2259)

Other Insignia


tos_cadet_insignia.jpg (49770 bytes)


starfleet_command_insignia.jpg (111583 bytes)

Starfleet Command

tos_uespa_emblem.jpg (88516 bytes)

United Earth Space Probe Agency






oaa_commanding_officers_rank.jpg (10203 bytes)

Commanding Officer

oaa_commissioned-officers_rank.jpg (6102 bytes)

Commissioned Officer

oaa_non-commissioned-officers_rank.jpg (7005 bytes)

Non-Commissioned Officer

(No Braid)


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