Starfleet Uniforms
circa 2283 - 2323
images adapted from Star Trek: The Magazine, Star Trek Fact Files, The Art of Star Trek and Ex Astra Scientia


White uniform tunics are worn by command-level officers only.

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Class A Duty Uniform

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Class A Duty Uniform (Female)

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Class B Uniform

oaecommandjumpsuit.jpg (16951 bytes)

Class C Jumpsuit


Gold uniform tunics are worn by engineers, helm officers, and other personnel whose functions contribute to the daily operations of a starship or starbase.

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Class A Duty Uniform

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Class A Duty Uniform (Female)

oaeoperations.jpg (24566 bytes)

Class B Uniform

oaeoperationsjumpsuit.jpg (25761 bytes)

Class C Jumpsuit


Blue u

niform tunics are worn by science officers, communications officers and other science-based positions throughout a starship.

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Class A Duty Uniform

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Class A Duty Uniform (Female)

oaesciences.jpg (23825 bytes)
Class B Uniform

oaesciencejumpsuit.jpg (25686 bytes)

Class C Jumpsuit


Green uniform tunics are worn by medical personnel only.

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Class A Duty Uniform

oaemedical1f.jpg (21144 bytes)

Class A Duty Uniform (Female)

oaemedical.jpg (25125 bytes)

Class B Uniform

oaemedical3.jpg (21697 bytes)

Class C Fatigues


Red uniform tunics are exclusively worn by
trainees only.


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Class A Duty Uniform


oaetrainee1f.jpg (21282 bytes)

Class A Duty Uniform (Female)


oaetrainee.jpg (24899 bytes)

Class B Uniform


oaecadetsjumpsuit.jpg (25325 bytes)

Class C Jumpsuit

Non-Commissioned Officers, Technicians
Cadets & Midshipmen

Over the years, Starfleet decided to increase the distinction between officers and enlisted personnel. Also civilian attire became more differentiated than ever before.

oaf_noncom.jpg (27605 bytes)

Non-Com Class B Uniform

oaf_midshipman.jpg (28154 bytes)

Class B Uniform

oaf_mess_officer.jpg (22702 bytes)

Civilian Specialist Attire

oaf_civilian_uniform.jpg (26977 bytes)

Starfleet Diplomat Corps Attire

Other Uniforms

Anti-radiation suits with built-in life support systems are worn by all personnel in engineering. Trainees and cadets are denoted with red collars.

Nurse jumpsuits are worn in Sickbay and while on landing party details.

Physical training wear is usually worn in the gymnasium.

oaeantirad_suit.jpg (27921 bytes)

Class 1 Anti-Radiation Suit

oaeantirad_suit_cadet.jpg (28727 bytes)

Class 1 Anti-Radiation Suit
Cadet/Trainee Version

oaf_nurses.jpg (21435 bytes)

Nurse Class C Jumpsuit

oaephysical_training.jpg (23744 bytes)

Physical Training Wear

Captain's Jackets

These jackets are worn only
by officers with the rank
of captain or above.

oaf_commandjacket.jpg (26422 bytes)

Commanding Officer

oaf_sciences.jpg (149379 bytes)

Chief Science Officer

oaf_medical.jpg (26848 bytes)

Chief Medical Officer

oaf_operationsjacket.jpg (26386 bytes)

Chief Engineering Officer

Duty Vests

A variety of vests designed
for practical reasons.

Light duty vests have a few pockets. Medium duty vests have more pockets and some instrumentation. Heavy duty vests are usually worn by engineers. Securty vests are armored and designed to protect the wearer from many kinds of hostile actions.

oaf_grade2.jpg (25339 bytes)

Light Duty Vest

oaf_grade2b.jpg (24404 bytes)

Medium Duty Vest

oaf_vest3.jpg (83467 bytes)

Heavy Duty Vest

oaf_security_gear.jpg (30821 bytes)

Security Armored Vest

Field Attire

Starfleet has landing party attire for various climates. Jungle fatigues and desert fatigues add some degree of camouflage. The marine field attire includes poncho, water, field ration and even a tent.

Field jackets for used by  landing parties in less than temperate environments.

oaf_seniorofficer_fielduniform.jpg (26509 bytes)

Jungle Field Fatigues

oaf_juniorofficer_fielduniform.jpg (28314 bytes)

Desert Field Fatigues

oaf_marine_fielduniform.jpg (29417 bytes)

Marine Field Attire

oaefield_jacket.jpg (31016 bytes)

Cold Climate Field Jacket


There are three major types of spacesuits in use aboard Starfleet vessels. X-E Spacesuits (X stands for "negative" and E for "environment") which are used for most extravehicular activity. M-E Spacesuits are used in airless environments, such as damaged spacecraft. Thruster suits allow the user to navigate long distances away from the vessel, and even to conduct surveys of a nearby ship or asteroid.

oacspacesuit1.jpg (23471 bytes)

X-E Spacesuit

oaf_spacesuit.jpg (142393 bytes)

M-E Spacesuit

oacthrustersuit1.jpg (20308 bytes)

Thruster Suit



oaf_phasers.JPG (47958 bytes)


oaf_communicator.jpg (54766 bytes)


oaf_tricorder.jpg (76478 bytes)



Badge worn on Jacket


Rank was indicated by pins worn on the shoulder strap of the dress uniform jacket.

Please Note:
There are a variety of non-commissioned officer pins that are not listed in this table.

Pin worn on hats.

oae_pin_admiral.jpg (17547 bytes)


oae_pin_vice_adm.jpg (16440 bytes)

Vice Admiral

oae_pin_rear_adm.jpg (16413 bytes)

Rear Admiral

oae_pin_commodore.jpg (10273 bytes)


oae_pin_fleet_captain.jpg (21919 bytes)

Fleet Captain

oae_pin_captain.jpg (19397 bytes)


oae_pin_commander.jpg (13681 bytes)


oae_pin_lieutenantcmdr.jpg (12334 bytes)

Lieutenant Commander

oae_pin_lieutenant.jpg (6769 bytes)


oae_pin_jg.jpg (7288 bytes)

Lieutenant J.G.

oae_pin_ensign.jpg (7703 bytes)


oae_pin_enlisted.jpg (7326 bytes)

Non-Commissioned Officers


Rank epaulets continued to be in use on the tunics and jumpsuits of this time.

oac_ranks_tabs_adm.jpg (16367 bytes)


oac_ranks_tabs_vadm.jpg (13802 bytes)

Vice Admiral

oac_ranks_tabs_radm.jpg (8043 bytes)

Rear Admiral

oac_epaulet_commodore.jpg (18531 bytes)


oac_epaulet_fleet_capt.jpg (16652 bytes)

Fleet Captain

oac_epaulet_capt.jpg (15040 bytes)


oac_epaulet_cmdr.jpg (15551 bytes)


oac_epaulet_lt_cmdr.jpg (12101 bytes)

Lieutenant Commander

oac_epaulet_lt.jpg (10501 bytes)


oac_epaulet_lt_jg.jpg (6966 bytes)

Lieutenant J.G.

oac_epaulet_ensign.jpg (7178 bytes)


oac_epaulet_nco.jpg (12076 bytes)

Non-Commissioned Officers

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